Purchasing Information

Read and understand the information below before proceeding with the purchasing process.

Inventory information

If there is any discrepancy between the actual product and the data published on this website, such as the inventory information or photographs, the condition or status of the actual product shall take precedence over the data on the website.
Although the inventory information is updated as needed, please note that some machines viewed on the website may have already been sold.


For purchases, customers are requested to remit payment by bank transfer before the scheduled date of product delivery.
In addition, bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the customer.

Inspecting and test-operating the product

For customers who wish to inspect or test-operate a product, please contact us by phone.
Note, however, that we may not be able to immediately accommodate your sudden requests to visit our facilities.

Product warranty and liability for defects

As our products are used items, they are not covered by warranty and are not eligible for return.
In addition, please note that we shall bear no liability for defects.
The customer is obligated to inspect the actual product in person before making the purchase, and the customer shall assume all responsibility for the product after purchase.

Product delivery

Products are provided on an as-is basis at the storage location, and product transport shall be carried out by the customer or by an entity dispatched by the customer. Loading equipment such as hoist chains and wires shall be supplied by the customer.
All costs associated with product delivery (packaging, shipping arrangements, shipping, installation labor, etc.) are the responsibility of the customer.

Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act

When exporting DMG MORI products consisting of goods or technology that are subject to regulation under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, permission from government authorities (or the government of the country of origin) is required.
In accordance with the intent of this law, if the relevant product is to be sold to a third party, the third party shall also be provided written notice of the legal requirements. In some cases, the sales transaction may be refused if there is a possibility that the product might be exported in violation of the law.

Foreign export

Please note that each transaction will be reviewed before it is approved.

Purchase contract

The product purchase shall be concluded in accordance with the Machine Purchase Contract specified by DMG MORI.